Traitements interventionnels en électrophysiologie : fibrillation atriale et arythmies ventriculaires

Jeudi 12 Janvier 2023   11:30-12:30   Hub 2
JESFC 2023   |   Présentation flash
11:30 • Sana Ouali
Risk Factors and prognosis of New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation in Tunisian patients with acute coronary syndrome
11:35 • Karim Benali
Heart transplantation as a rescue strategy for patients with refractory electrical storm
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11:40 • Raphaël Al-Hamoud
Incidence, predictive factors and prognosis of inappropriate sinus tachycardia after cryoballoon atrial fibrillation ablation
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11:45 • Corentin Chaumont
Pulmonary Vein Isolation using Pulse Field Ablation: acute results from a multicentric registry
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11:50 • Karim Benali
Atrial fibrillation recurrences despite durable pulmonary vein isolation: characteristics, management and outcomes, the PARTY-PVI study
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11:55 • Louis Rigal
Motion discrepancies between cardiac target and ICD lead, and their impact on target volume for cardiac radioablation
12:00 • Zakariae Laraichi
Low left atrial voltage areas (surrogate of fibrosis) is the only predictor of ablation success in persistent atrial fibrillation
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12:05 • Fabien Squara
High-density mapping of the Average Complex Interval helps localizing Atrial Fibrillation drivers and predicts catheter ablation outcomes
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12:10 • Corentin Chaumont
RVOT Premature Ventricular Contractions induce significant anatomical displacement during 3D mapping: a cause of mid-term ablation failure ?
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12:15 • Yacine Tir
Incessant focal atrial tachycardia arising from the crista terminalis
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12:20 • Louis Rigal
A novel data integration workflow for target delineation in cardiac radioablation