Recherche en vasculaire et métabolisme

Jeudi 12 Janvier 2023   10:00-11:00   Salle 352 A
JESFC 2023   |   Communication orale
10:00 • Max Amor
Intravascular lithotripsy for heavily calcified peripheral artery lesions. Preliminary experience
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Upper-limb deep vein thrombosis as a warning sign of breast cancer in diabetic patients : Experience of a Moroccan cardio-oncology unit and bibliographic review
10:14 • Guillaume Goudot
Assessment of Takayasu's vasculitis activity by ultrasound localization microscopy
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10:21 • Louise Wang
Fluoroquinolone use preceding medium-size artery dissection: a case series
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10:28 • Philippe Zaoui
Cardiovascular or renal disease (CVRD) complication and mortality incidence for type 2 diabetics with a single or without CVRD comorbidity: a 5-year SNDS nationwide claims database cohort study
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10:35 • Olivier Bluteau
Towards a readjustment of diagnostic criteria for Familial Hypercholesterolemia in France and doors open to a combined biochemical and molecular score
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10:42 • Nour Cherif
Low density lipoprotein cholesterol target achievement: How about low income countries
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