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Mercredi 11 Janvier 2023   11:30-12:30   Hub 2
JESFC 2023   |   Présentation flash
Effects of propulsion modes (arm versus leg cranking) and class groups on cardiovascular responses in paracyling athletes carrying out a cardiopulmonary exercise test
Victor Aboyans
11:35 • Victor Aboyans
Epidemiology of patients revascularized for peripheral artery disease in France (2016-2019): a retrospective observational cohort study using the French hospital discharge database (PMSI)
11:40 • Yassmine Hajri
Severity of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular risk: a prospective study
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Infraclass variations of cardiorespiratory responses to cardiopulmonary exercise testing among elite paracyclists with the same official functional limitations
Main air pollutants and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a systematic review and meta-analysis
11:55 • Riadh Jemaa
Prevalence of diabetes in the Tunisian Population: results of the ATERA-survey
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12:00 • Farouk Menzou
A comparison between diabetic and non-diabetic patients mid-term Prognosis following NSTEMI
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12:05 • Thibaut Pommier
Trends of Myocarditis and Endocarditis Cases before, during, and after the First Complete COVID-19-Related Lockdown in 2020 in France
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12:10 • Philippe Tuppin
Variations of cardiovascular procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic) in France during COVID-19 epidemic (2020-21): an observational nationwide study
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Evaluation of fitness capacities of children and young adults with Marfan and related conditions
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12:20 • Najat Mouine
Evaluation of management of diabetic patients by Moroccan cardiologists : a national survey
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