Insuffisance cardiaque et cardiomyopathies : Nouveaux éléments pronostiques

Mercredi 11 Janvier 2023   08:30-09:30   Hub 1
JESFC 2023   |   Présentation flash
08:30 • Wivine Navarre
Non-invasive cardiac kinetic energy distribution: a new marker of heart failure with impaired ejection fraction (KINO-HF)
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08:35 • Farouk Menzou
Prognosis value of right ventricular fractional of area changes in ischemic chronic heart failure
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Four chambers strain analysis in patients with heart failure: towards a new standard?
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08:45 • Jérôme Costa
High furosemide doses are a strong marker of long-term mortality in heart failure (HF) out-patient
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08:50 • Elodie Huet
Identification of gaps in the management of heart failure outpatients following hospitalization : How to best implement advanced heart failure nursing?
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08:55 • Assia Haddad
Pronostic factors in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in an Algerian cohort
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09:00 • Abdallah Fayssoil
Is citrulline level a good marker of hemodynamic status in malnourished patients with anorexia nervosa?
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09:05 • Anne-Sophie Zenses
Canadian experience with the RAISE score to identify patients at high risk for cardiac amyloidosis in a TAVI population
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09:10 • Anis Ghariani
Early screening of Left ventricular deterioration in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus
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09:15 • Meriem Drissa
Evaluation of left ventricular function in patients with chronic obstructive disease and pulmonary arterial hypertension
09:20 • Jules Bateau
Left atrial reservoir strain during acute heart failure: a prospective cohort study