Insuffisance cardiaque/Télésuivi

Mercredi 11 Janvier 2023   10:00-11:00   Salle 352 A
JESFC 2023   |   Communication orale
10:00 • Ouarda Pereira
Healthcare consumption, readmission and death rates after heart failure hospitalization: Insights from reimbursement databases of the France Grand Est region
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10:07 • Guillaume Baudry
Prognosis of advanced heart failure patients according to their hemodynamic profile based on the modified Forrester classification
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10:14 • Philippe Abassade
Impact of home return assistance program(PRADO-IC) on re hospitalisation rate and mortality of hospitalized heart failure patients at one year
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10:21 • Sylvain Aguilhon
Impact of global warming on weight in patients with heart failure during the 2019 heatwave in France
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10:28 • Michel Galinier
Benefits of Interventional Telemonitoring in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
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10:35 • Michel Galinier
Ultra-fast remote up-titration of heart failure treatment: a safe, efficient and feasible protocol
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10:42 • Sylvain Aguilhon
Telemonitoring of heart failure: state of the art at the University Hospital of Montpellier
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