Quoi de neuf dans l'endocardite ?

Jeudi 13 Janvier 2022   11:30-12:30   Espace E-posters
JESFC 2022   |   Communication orale
11:30 • Yohann Bohbot
Characteristics, management and outcomes of patients with multiple native valvular heart disease: A substudy of the EURObservational Research Programme Valvular Heart Disease II Survey.
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11:37 • Yohann Bohbot
Impact of early surgery in non-complicated left-sided native-valve infective endocarditis with large vegetations 
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11:44 • Asmaa Elamraoui
Analysis of risk scores to predict mortality in patients undergoing cardiac surgery for infectious endocarditis at the ibn rochd  university hospital in casablanca ,morocco
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11:51 • Florent Arregle
Influence of the health-care pathway on the outcome of patients with infective endocarditis : should all patients be treated in referral centers ?
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11:58 • Meriem El Mousaid
Using surgical risk scores in nonsurgically treated infective endocarditis patients
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12:05 • Meriem El Mousaid
Simple scoring system to predict in hospital mortality after surgery for infective endocarditis at the Ibn rochd university hospital in casablanca, morocco.
 Epidemiology of infective endocarditis: experience of department of cardiology in Charles Nicolle hospital