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Mercredi 12 Janvier 2022   16:00-17:00   Espace E-posters
JESFC 2022   |   Communication orale
Trimaille Antonin
16:00 • Antonin Trimaille
Transient Endothelial Injury and Release of Lupus Anticoagulant in COVID-19
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Impact of cardiac and acute kidney injury on COVID-19 in-hospital mortality
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16:14 • Salma Charfeddine
endothelial dysfunction is the key of long COVID 19 symptoms: the results of TUN-EndCOV study
16:21 • Rania Hammami
Predictors of Thromboembolic events in Covid-19 Ambulatory patients
16:28 • Elsa Ayo Bivigou
Profile of cardiovascular manifestations in Covid-19 patients at the Libreville University Hospital Center, Gabon
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16:35 • Salma Charfeddine
sulodexide in the treatment of patients with long COVID 19 symptoms and endothelial dysfunction: the results of TUN-EndCOV study
16:42 • Asmaa Elamraoui
Atrial fibrillation after cardiacsurgery:implementation of a prevention care bundle on intensive care unit improves adherence to current perioperative guidelines and reduces incidence
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