Avancées en cardiologie pédiatrique et congénitale

Jeudi 13 Janvier 2022   16:00-17:00   Espace E-posters
JESFC 2022   |   Communication orale
16:00 • Rémi Vincent
Impact of genotype on the progression of aortic disease in patients with Marfan syndrome and Loeys-Dietz syndrome.
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16:07 • Khaled Hadeed
Feasibility and accuracy of printed models of complex cardiac defects in small infants from cardiac CT
16:14 • Camelia Djeddai
Wolff Parkinson White syndrome: Validation of an algorithm for identifying accessory pathway in children
16:21 • Oscar Werner
The VE/VCO2 slope: a useful tool to evaluate the physiological status of children with congenital heart disease
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16:28 • Manon Hily
Congenital heart defects in the fetus and embryological classification: cladistics and phylogeny
16:35 • Alexandre Silini
Percutaneous edge to edge systemic tricuspid valve repair for the treatment of severe tricuspid valve regurgitation in patients with systemic right ventricle : the first descriptive cohort.
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16:42 • Daniela Laux
Precision and impact of prenatal diagnosis in common arterial trunk
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