Vers un diagnostic échographique plus précoce ?

Jeudi 16 Janvier 2020   14:00-15:30   Salle 342 B
JESFC 2020   |   Communications orales
14:00 • Sophie Jacob
Subclinical left ventricular dysfunction post radiotherapy in breast cancer: speckle-tracking echocardiography detects dose-related longitudinal strain changes after irradiation (BACCARAT study)
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14:12 • Thouraya Filali
Left atrial strain for predicting atrial fibrillation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
14:24 • Arnaud Hubert
Semi-automated volume-strain loops: a new tool in TTE to assess diastolic dysfunction.
14:36 • Vincent Pham
For a better estimation of pulmonary pressures by echocardiography: need for quality improvement
14:48 • Asma Rimouche
Pulmonary Vascular Function at Exercise in Systemic Sclerosis: a case-control study.
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15:00 • Stéphane Ederhy
Etat de l'Art - Vers un diagnostic échographique plus précoce ?
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