Nouvelles données dans l'endocardite infectieuse

Jeudi 16 Janvier 2020   12:30-13:30   Espace E-posters commentés
JESFC 2020   |   E-Posters commentés
12:30 • Amani Farah
Infective endocarditis: a changing epidemiological profile over the years: a prospective cohort study
12:40 • Florent Arregle
Infective endocarditis with neurological complications : bad outcome is predicted by the delay in cardiac surgery but not by the neurological complication itself
12:50 • Basile Mouhat
Mycotic aneurysm and infective endocarditis: data from a French bi-center study of 2483 patients.
13:00 • Andreina Carbone
Spondylitis: a frequent and severe complication of infective endocarditis
13:10 • Valérie Houard
Prognostic value of residual vegetation after antibiotic treatment for infective endocarditis : a retrospective cohort study
13:20 • Clément Servoz
Infective endocarditis after transcatheter aortic valve implantation : incidence, impact and treatment in a French university hospital