Les facteurs de risque revisités

Vendredi 17 Janvier 2020   09:00-10:00   Espace E-posters commentés
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09:00 • Jean Ferrières
Screening and treatment of Familial Hypercholesterolemia in a French sample of ambulatory care: a retrospective longitudinal cohort study
09:10 • Valérie Olié
Prevalence of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy and post-partum in France
09:20 • Barnabas Gellen
Serum Tenascin-C is independently associated with increased major adverse cardiovascular events and death in patients with type II diabetes
09:30 • Marianne Zeller
Psychosocial and behavioral characteristics of still smokers at 6 months after acute cerebro or cardiovascular events: findings from INEV@L, a prospective pilot study
Is the reduction of salt in the bread consumed in Morocco could be a means of protection against cardiovascular diseases?
09:50 • Thibaut Goetsch
Gender differences in management of acute coronary syndromes: results from the French MONICA Registries.