Prévention, épidémiologie et nutrition

Mercredi 17 Janvier 2018   14:00-15:00   Espace E-Posters commentés
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14:00 • Gwenolé Rohel
Study of the influence of intensive physical exercise on the early repolarization pattern in young military commandos
14:10 • Marianne Zeller
Psychosocial factors burden in workers with acute cerebro or cardiovascular events: a multidisciplinary prospective pilot study  
14:20 • Emilie Bérard
Score of adherence to 2016 european cardiovascular prevention guidelines is an independent determinant of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in a French general population
Extent of investigation towards aetiology among sudden cardiac arrest patients who died in the intensive care unit
14:40 • Jean Ferrières
Use of guideline-recommended treatments in 10,661 patients with coronary heart disease: observational multinational DYSIS II study
14:50 • Yolande Esquirol
Occupational constraints and all-cause mortality: results for men and women from an 18-year follow-up prospective cohort: the VISAT study