Les valves : interventionnel et structurel

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Transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement: determining the easiest venous approach and optimal prosthesis sizing with CT-scan
11:10 • Marion Kibler
Impact of CT-ADP point-of-care assay on 30-day paravalvular aortic regurgitation and bleeding events following transcatheter aortic valve replacement
11:20 • Guy Achkouty
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation for severe aortic regurgitation with acute refractory cardiogenic shock: what else?
Guillaume Bonnet
11:30 • Guillaume Bonnet
Left atrial appendage percutaneous closure with a Watchman device in patients with a contraindication to long term oral anticoagulation. One year follow up
11:40 • Habib Gamra
A new simple score to predict late outcome of balloon mitral commissurotomy
11:50 • Fanny D'Acremont
TAVR cost-effectiveness with last generation bioprosthesis