Interventions en maladie coronaire

Jeudi 18 Janvier 2018   15:15-16:15   Espace E-Posters commentés
JESFC 2018   |   E-Posters commentés
Statins and diabetes: are all statins at risk? A pharmacoepidemiological study
15:25 • Pierre Deharo
Benefit of switching dual antiplatelet therapy after acute coronary syndrome (ACS) according to platelet reactivity: a prespecified analysis of the TOPIC randomized study
15:35 • Amina Belouaer
the management of one hundred and four cases of STEMI in a cardiology departement with no cath lab: do we respect delays?
15:45 • Pierre Aubry
anomalous connection of the right coronary artery with interarterial course: preliminary prospective experience of stenting in a selected adult population
15:55 • Laurent Faroux
Minimizing exposure to radiation in interventional cardiology using modern dose-reduction technology: evaluation of the real-life effects
16:05 • Thomas Cardi
Prognostic value of incomplete revascularization after PCI following acute coronary syndrome. Focus on CKD patients