Controversies in heart failure and cardiomyopathies

Vendredi 19 Janvier 2018   14:00-15:30   Blue Amphitheatre
Which solution to deal with ischemic heart failure and multivessel disease?
14:00 • Joëlle Kefer
Multivessel coronary artery disease: medical treatment or endoprothesis
14:15 • Thierry Folliguet
Multivessel coronary artery disease: surgery, the unique solution
14:30 • Joëlle Kefer
Rebuttal and summary
Do we need to document ischemia?
14:45 • Laurent Meille
Documenting ischemia in imaging is imperative
15:00 • Agnès Pasquet
Documenting ischemia is useless
15:15 • Laurent Meille
Rebuttal and summary