STEMI dans la maladie coronaire

Mercredi 11 Janvier 2017   08:30-10:00   Salle 343
JESFC 2017   |   Communications libres
08:30 • Sylvain Aguilhon
Left ventricular remodeling in post myocardial infarction: effects of colchicine and echocardiographic predictors factors.
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Vincent Auffret
08:45 • Vincent Auffret
Does immediate complete revascularization improve in-hospital outcomes in STEMI patients with multivessel disease treated with primary angioplasty? Insights from the ORBI registry
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09:00 • Yuni De Framond
Pathological Q Waves evolution in anterior STEMI treated by primary PCI: impact on one-year clinical outcomes
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Influence of gender in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: insight from the first French metaregistry
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The success of thrombectomy do not prevent angiographically visible distal embolization in STEMI patients treated by primary percutaneous coronary intervention and thrombectomy
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09:45 • Elie Martins
Analysis of mortality rate in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: The SCALIM registry
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