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Jeudi 12 Janvier 2017   08:30-18:00   Espace Posters
JESFC 2017   |   E-Posters par thème
08:30 • Mengyao Yu
GWAS-driven pathway analyses and functional studies reveals GLIS1 to predispose to mitral valve prolapse
08:30 • Loubina Fazal
Inhibition of exchange protein 1 directly activated by cAMP (EPAC1) is cardioprotective against ischemia-reperfusion injury
08:30 • Matthias Baudot
L-type Cav1.3 and T-type Cav3.1 calcium channels in cardiac pacemaker activity
08:30 • Lea Cattan Levy
Plasma from patients with calcified aortic disease triggers an osteoblast-like phenotype switch in human aortic valve interstitial cells
Post-transcriptionnal regulators of superoxide dismutase 2 as new biomarkers of left ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction
08:30 • Raphaelle Huguet
Role of cAMP-phosphodiesterases in cardiac recovery after ß-adrenergic stimulation: an in vivo preliminary study
The role of inflammation in the arterial aging and its effects on the structure of the arterial wall, heart function and metabolism
08:30 • Dennis Cokkinos
Investigating the effect of levosimendan on chronic doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in vivo. Insights on the underlying signaling mechanism
08:30 • Patrick Mordel
An in vitro model to study impact of glucose fluctuations on cellular and mitochondrial cardiac functions
08:30 • Nadia Koubaa
Involvement of oxidative and inflammatory components in the development of atherosclerosis and the severity of coronary artery disease
08:30 • Virginie Lambert
Benefits of human cardiac progenitor cell-seeded collagen patches applied on failing right ventricle: progenitor cells differentiation/migration may impact the RV function
08:30 • Riadh Jemaa
Paraoxonase 3 (PON3) polymorphisms, Haplotypes and risk of myocardial infarction in the Tunisian population
08:30 • Alexis Theron
Aortic valve disease acquired after left ventricular assist device implantation: an outstanding in vivo model of valvular heart disease pathophysiology and remodeling
Methyl donor deficiency during gestation and lactation produces hypertension in rats subsequently exposed to high fat diet
08:30 • Nesrine Fourty
Extracellular matrix remodeling in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Methionine synthase (Mtr) promote the development of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure