Insuffisance cardiaque avancée

Jeudi 12 Janvier 2017   15:15-16:15   Espace E-Posters commentés
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Pre- and in-hospital course of care for patients with acute heart failure: features and impact on prognosis in the real life
15:25 • Jérôme Costa
Furosemide doses and long-term mortality After disCharge from hearT failure episode: the FACT-HF study
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15:35 • Janusz Lipiecki
Initial French experience with reduction of functional mitral regurgitation by percutaneous annuloplasty with a modified CARILLON device
15:45 • Eleonore Ravis
Severe right ventricular dysfunction is a strong predictor of pre and post-transplant mortality among candidates to heart transplantation
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Assessment of the French access to heart transplantation considering the competing risk of death to improve organ allocation policy
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16:05 • Guillaume Coutance
Heart transplantation in patients with low or high titer pre-formed DSA is safe when performed with a specific desensitization program
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