Cardiologie pédiatrique en pratique actuelle

Jeudi 12 Janvier 2017   09:45-10:45   Espace E-Posters commentés
JESFC 2017   |   E-Posters commentés
09:45 • Myriam Bensemlali
Operative outcomes and indication of surgery for primary cardiac tumor in children
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09:55 • Céline Authenac
 Prevalence of early repolarization in children
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10:05 • Sylvie Di Filippo
Acute myocarditis in very young children: single center experience
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10:15 • Olivier Guillard
Clinical accuracy of annual cardiac computed tomography angiography in pediatric heart transplant recipients
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10:25 • Ali Houeijeh
Transcatheter closure of large atrial septal defects (ASDs) in symptomatic children with device/weight ratio ≥1.5. European multicentric study
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10:35 • Jérémy Laik
Effect of percutaneous stent implantation on arterial hypertension and aortic flow dynamics in patients with aortic coarctation: identification of responders and non responders
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