Pédiatrie et cardiopathies congénitales

Vendredi 15 Janvier 2016   14:00-15:00   Espace posters commentés
JESFC 2016   |   E-Posters commentés
14:00 • Lucile Houyel
Inner architecture of the right ventricle: the role of the tricuspid valve
14:10 • Morgan Recher
Effects and risks of beta-blocker in infantile haemangioma: a retrospective analysis
14:20 • Clément Karsenty
Children with tetralogy of Fallot exhibit accelerated maturation of the cardiac tissue into adult phenotype
Mechanisms of ventricular dysfunction and dyssynchrony in repaired tetralogy of Fallot: an animal study
14:40 • Laurent Bonnemains
Is high temporal resolution achievable for pediatric cardiac acquisitions during several heart beats? Illustration with cardiac phase contrast cine-MRI
14:50 • Quentin Hauet
Neonatal arterial switch operation: the sooner the better!