Pédiatrie et cardiopathies congénitales (partie I)

Jeudi 15 Janvier 2015   09:00-18:00   Espace posters
JESFC 2015   |   Posters par thème
09:00 • Sarah Cohen
Increasing severity and complexity in adults with congenital heart disease undergoing heart transplantation (ACHD): temporal trends - a collaborative study on 97 patients
Why Levosimendan should be considered for the treatment of viral myocarditis in children
09:00 • François Godart
Complications after transcatheter ASD closure with the Amplatzer septal occluder
09:00 • Daniela Laux
Atrio-ventricular valve regurgitation in univentricular hearts: outcomes after repair.
09:00 • Francesca Raimondi
Radiation dose reduction in pediatric coronary CT: assessment of effective dose and image quality
09:00 • Myriam Bensemlali
Extracardiac or chromosomal anomalies strongly influence parental treatment decision and postnatal survival of neonates with prenatally diagnosed congenital heart diseases
09:00 • Francis Bessiere
Experience with Foetal Supraventricular Arrhythmias
Sébastien Hascoët
Risk markers of cardiac events in patients with Marfan syndrome diagnosed during childhood.
Can systolic Doppler velocimetry of fetal aortic isthmus help predicting post-natal clinical impact of ventricular septal defects ?
Evolution of preexcitation syndrome in children
09:00 • Sabine Charron
Transcriptomic and proteomic studies in a porcine model of repaired Tetralogy of Fallot
09:00 • Sandrine Venier
Right versus left ventricular pacing in a healthy growing porcine heart model