Insuffisance Cardiaque et Cardiomyopathies (Partie II)

Samedi 17 Janvier 2015   09:00-14:00   Espace posters
JESFC 2015   |   Posters par thème
09:00 • Sana Fennira
Contribution of right ventricular echocardiographic parameters in evaluation of the prognosis of dilated cardiomyopathy
09:00 • Safaa Raboukhi
Prognosis of heart failure in the Moroccan woman
Multimodality imaging in cardiac amyloidosis : respective contributions of echocardiography, MRI and scintigraphy
09:00 • Carina Arantes
Observational study on Tako-Tsubo cardiomyopathy
09:00 • Ilyes Bouaguel
Echocardiographic Predictors of Exercise Capacity in Algerian Patients With¤Heart Failure and Systolic Dysfunction: Role of Mitral Regurgitation
09:00 • Juliana Martins
Acute myocarditis a systematic review of cases over 3 years
09:00 • Amina Asadi
Erectile dysfunction (ED) and chronic heart failure (CHF): correlation between severity of ED and the 6 minutes walk test.
09:00 • Frédéric Moulin
Prognostic impact of coronary artery disease in patients with Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
09:00 • Larysa Zhuravlyova
The relationship between Resistin, Interleukin-6 level and diastolic dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
09:00 • Naima Baaddy
Epidemiological profile of pericardial effusions (About 750 cases)
09:00 • Naima Baaddy
Echocardiographic evaluation of right cardiac chambers in the footballers.
09:00 • Astrid Monfort
Notch3/RBPJk signaling pathway in the coronary arteries is involved in the development of heart failure in response to Hypertension