Hypertension artérielle/Vasculaire

Samedi 17 Janvier 2015   09:00-14:00   Espace posters
JESFC 2015   |   Posters par thème
09:00 • Patrick Dary
Analysis of blood pressure variability in the systolic hypertension with telemonitoring: feasability and results on 108 patients
Plasma interleukin-18 levels depend on hypertriglyceridemic waist phenotype and gender in patients with arterial hypertension
09:00 • Larysa Zhuravlyova
The peculiarities of pulse pressure variation and renal function in patients with arterial hypertension
09:00 • Tounsi Ahmed
Pulmonary embolism in Behçet's disease: a series of 10 patients.
Interleukins 33 and 1², left ventricular geometry and diastolic dysfunction in hypertensive patients with obesity
09:00 • Lesya Bobronnikova
Features of carbohydrate metabolism, cytokines activity and ¤ I/D gene ACE polymorphism at patients with arterial hypertension and overweight
09:00 • Mariia Kulikova
The peculiarities of structural and functional state of myocardium and daily blood pressure profile in hypertensive patients with diabetes mellitus.
09:00 • Hélène Ragot
Notch3 is an important mediator of cardiac adaptation to pressure overload.