Compétition Jeunes Chercheurs : Recherche fondamentale

Vendredi 15 Janvier 2016   12:30-13:30   Salle 353
JESFC 2016   |   Compétitions Jeunes Chercheurs
12:30 • Alexis Theron
Decrease of Krox20 expression leads to aortic valve dysfunction and thickening of the valve leaflets
12:45 • Zakaria Jalal
Selective propensity of bovine jugular vein to bacterial adhesion and impact of percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation procedural steps in the genesis of infective endocarditis: an in vitro study
Bifurcation techniques with ABSORB® bioresorbable vascular scaffold: optical frequency-domain imaging and micro-computed tomography assessment
13:15 • Clément Karsenty
Children with tetralogy of Fallot exhibit accelerated maturation of the cardiac tissue into adult phenotype