Revascularisation myocardique

Jeudi 15 Janvier 2015   14:00-15:30   Salle 343
JESFC 2015   |   Communications libres
14:00 • Goran Loncar
The deleterious cardiovascular impact of renal failure varies according to PCI indication
14:15 • Yann Rosamel
Outcome after drug-eluting stents for cardiac allograft vasculopathy
14:30 • Amina Asadi
Outcome of patients after resuscitation from out of hospital cardiac arrest: the role of percutaneous coronary intervention in Clermont-Ferrand university hospital.
14:45 • Luc Maillard
The First Human Experience with novel nano surface modified Cobra PzF Stent
15:00 • Joël Sainsous
Bioresorbable everolimus eluting stents in coronary arteries. Preliminary implantation data and follow up of 65 patients
15:15 • Alaeddine Eljery
Clinical impact of second-generation everolimus eluting stent compared with first-generation sirolimus-eluting stent in diabetes mellitus patients.