Prise en charge de l'infarctus du myocarde (STEMI)

Vendredi 19 Janvier 2018   16:00-17:30   Salle 343
JESFC 2018   |   Communications libres
16:00 • Fabien Huet
A second peak highlighted by daily hs-T-Troponin and high CRP dosage conspire to microvascular occlusion on MRI after reperfused myocardial infarction
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16:15 • Léo Cuenin
Incidence and significance of spontaneous ST segment re-elevation after reperfused anterior acute myocardial infarction: relationship with infarct size, adverse remodeling and events at 1 year
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16:30 • Clémence Toucas
Long-term follow-up of silent and symptomatic atrial fibrillation during acute myocardial infarction: not an epiphenomenon!
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16:45 • Vanina Bongard
Comparison of short-term and long-term mortality between patients with ST- and non ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in three French population registries of myocardial infarction
17:00 • Batric Popovic
Acute myocardial infarction and coronary embolism: mechanisms and management
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17:15 • Pierre Deharo
Benefit of switching dual antiplatelet therapy after acute coronary syndrome: the TOPIC (Timing Of Platelet Inhibition after acute Coronary Syndrome) randomized study