Cardiologie du sport

Samedi 20 Janvier 2018   09:00-10:30   Salle 352 A
JESFC 2018   |   Communications libres
09:00 • Thomas Pospiech
Brain natriuretic peptid level after hypoxia exercise test: risk factor of severe high altitude illness?
09:15 • Azzouz Djellaoudji
Analysis of early repolarization in 621 competitive Algerian athletes
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09:30 • Dalila Said Ouamer
Effects of endurance training and intense resistance training on arterial stiffness assessed by pulse wave velocity in elite athletes
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Chronic cardiac damage in competitive master endurance athletes: a cardiac magnetic resonance and exercise echocardiography study
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Coronary artery disease underlies most sports-related sudden cardiac arrest in the general population
The information provided by the exercise capacity and the heart rate recovery during an exercise test in athletes