Valvulopathies et cardiologie générale (Partie III)

09:00 : Natural history of borderline rheumatic heart disease in New Caledonia: a prospective cohort study
Intervenant : Geneviève Bertaina
09:00 : The new epidemiological model for rheumatic heart disease: from subclinical to symptomatic disease
Intervenant : Mariana Mirabel
09:00 : Tricuspid valve disease associated to rheumatic left valve disease: 1002 cases single-center study
Intervenant : Hind Bennani
09:00 : Reassessment of blood culture-negative endocarditis: its profile is similar to that of blood culture-positive endocarditis
Intervenant : Hocine Foudad
09:00 : Prediction of systemic septic embolism in patients with left-sided infective endocarditis
Intervenant : Laurent Fauchier
09:00 : Is that the profile of infective endocarditis has changed in Tunisia?
Intervenant : Meriem Drissa
09:00 : Review of 49 cases of infective endocarditis in Tunisian Public Hospital
Intervenant : Wejdene Ouechtati
09:00 : Cause of death in patients with Marfan syndrome
Intervenant : Olivier Milleron
09:00 : Aortic dissection in Marfan syndrome: is bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) a risk factor?
Intervenant : Olivier Milleron
09:00 : Impact on survival of the severity in aortic stenosis in initially non operated patients
Intervenant : Erwin Schroeder
09:00 : Quality control assessment in cardiac surgery: single center experience in aortic valve replacement by mechanical prosthesis
Intervenant : Erwin Schroeder
09:00 : Rationalization of complementary tests in cardiology department
09:00 : Can methylphenidate induce cardiac arrhythmias? A pharmacoepidemiological study
Intervenant : Guillaume Montastruc
09:00 : Cardiovascular involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus
Intervenant : Melek Kechida
09:00 : Anticoagulation's problematic during pregnancy in carriers of mechanical heart prostheses
Intervenant : Nadia Faiza Benatta