Prévention / Epidémiologie / Nutrition

08:30 : Improvement in achievement of lipid targets in France: comparison of data from the DYSIS I and DYSIS II studies
Intervenant : Jean Ferrières
08:30 : Prevalence of smoking cessation in coronary patients: preliminary results of a Tunisian experience
Intervenant : Aymen Elhraiech
08:30 : Magnitude, pattern and determinants of left ventricular geometry changes in obese subjects
Intervenant : Madalina Iancu
08:30 : Are the LDL-cholesterol targets from the ESC/EASD guidelines achievable in diabetic patients?
Intervenant : Jean-Guillaume Dillinger
08:30 : CARDIOSAS: a questionnaire by the "Cercle Coeur et Sommeil" to screen for sleep apnea in cardiovascular patients of private practice
Intervenant : Pierre Escourrou
08:30 : Inappropriate intensity statin therapy causing worse lipid profiles in HIV-infected individuals after acute coronary syndrome
Intervenant : Franck Boccara
08:30 : Score of adherence to european cardiovascular prevention guidelines is an independent determinant of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in the general population
Intervenant : Emilie Bérard