Insuffisance cardiaque et cardiomyopathies (Partie II)

09:00 : Management of heart failure patients by nurse practitioners specialized in cardiology
Intervenant : Marie-Line Brouillette
09:00 : Cardiac involvement in the newborn of diabetic mother. Usefulness of echocardiographic assessment
09:00 : Correlation between metabolic syndrome and severity of vessel coronary disease in ischemic heart failure 
Intervenant : Fatima Arhlade
09:00 : Myocardial stiffness assessment using shear wave imaging in healthy adult population
Intervenant : Olivier Villemain
09:00 : A novel myocardial fibrosis risk score in Heart Failure with preserved ejection fraction
Intervenant : Amandine Secq
09:00 : Echocardiographic analysis in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: the left atrium function as a predictive of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and a worsening functional status
Intervenant : Salma Charfeddine
09:00 : Echographic characteristics of PH in HFpEF and precapillary PH
Intervenant : Safwane El Hatimi
09:00 : Magnetic resonance imaging as the first line imaging in left ventricular dysfunction: evaluation on 305 patients
Intervenant : Louis-Marie Desroche
09:00 : Correlation between right ventricular function and exercise capacity in patients with chronic heart failure
Intervenant : Basma Herbegue
09:00 : Erectile dysfonction in chronic heart failure
Intervenant : Naima Baaddy
09:00 : The genetic contribution in the evaluation of cardiac patients in a non-university hospital
09:00 : Cardiac involvements in scleroderma Algerian patients
Intervenant : Nadera Methia
09:00 : Relationship between heart rate and functional capacity in patients with heart failure 
Intervenant : Fatima Arhlade
09:00 : Right ventricule systolic and diastolic function in patients with end-stage renal disease
Intervenant : Kaoutar Kharbouche
09:00 : Prognostic role of tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion in chronic heart failure
Intervenant : Basma Herbegue