FFR et maladie coronaire

Jeudi 12 Janvier 2017   09:45-10:45   Espace E-Posters commentés
E-Posters commentés
09:45 • Julien Adjedj
Saline-induced maximal coronary hyperemia: usefulness for quantitative assessment of microvascular function by coronary thermodilution
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09:55 • Julien Adjedj
Drift evaluation after FFR measurements
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10:05 • Julien Adjedj
Clinical implications of guiding catheter extubation during FFR measurements
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10:15 • Julien Adjedj
Fractional flow reserve (FFR) and angiographic estimation correlation of coronary stenoses: the impact of risk factors
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10:25 • Jérôme Clerc
Comparison of the instantaneous wave-free ratio and resting Pd/Pa with fractional flow reserve to assess coronary artery stenosis of intermediate severity
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10:35 • Mihaela Calcaianu
Coronary Fractional Flow Reserve measurement: which method of adenosine administration is the safest?
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